East Jackson County Economic Development Council
East Jackson County Economic Development Council:
Dedicated to preserving a way of life while enriching our communities through job creation.

About Us


Promote business growth and job development that fosters a healthy and stable economic foundation within our region.


Facilitate a healthy and stable business community and infrastructure to increase economic viability for East Jackson County, creating quality career opportunities for our citizens.

Goal 1: Expand, retain and recruit new business, including the traditional bases of forestry, agriculture, recreation and tourism.

Goal 2: Seek to achieve partnerships for future economic development and a healthy, positive business friendly environment, in support of strategic agency and jurisdictional plans.

Goal 3: Promote the rich human and natural resources in our region to provide quality recreational and tourism opportunities in addition to economic prosperity that sustains a superior quality of life in our communities.

Goal 4: Support infrastructure for community and economic development to facilitate the area’s ability to expand and enhance employment opportunities.

Goal 5: Sustain and grow the East Jackson County Economic Development Council.