East Jackson County Economic Development Council
East Jackson County Economic Development Council:
Dedicated to preserving a way of life while enriching our communities through job creation.

East Jackson County Economic Development Council

Standing Committees: Members are asked to take an active part in the council by serving on committees.
A) Economic Development Committee
B) Government Watch Committee
C) Membership Committee

Appointed Committees:
A) Communication
B) Publicity
C) Projects

A nominating committee for the election of officers shall be appointed by the chairperson in November of each year. Nominations may be accepted by the committee from any member. Nominees may be interviewed by the members and must indicate a willingness to serve. The nominating committee will announce its nominees before the annual election in January. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted. The vote will be via written ballot.

Goals: The ultimate goal of EJCEDC is to promote economic growth and grow a strong community by promoting and supporting potential economic enhancement opportunities. The council will collect and have available any data that will aid in the economic development of the area (included but not limited to: labor/skill surveys, site possibility inventories, natural resources, transportation, education training, healthcare and infrastructure). Also, build and maintain rapport with officials at local, county, state and federal level that will assist EJCEDC in attaining its’ goals. Ecotourism and recreational opportunities will also be emphasized.

Opportunity: County, municipal government, businessmen, concerned citizens and civic organizations have an opportunity to review situations that might exist within our area of control by supporting the EJCEDC.

Our 2013 officers for EJCEDC, Inc. are:

President - Connie Lea Butts
Vice President - Greg Lewis
Secretary - Mary Neal
Treasurer - Helen Grice

Board of Directors:

Vice President

Background: In 1992, a multi-agency EJCEDC was established in the east end of Jackson County under the liaison Bill Wester, businessmen and citizens. The EJCEDC membership draws on participation and support from the County Commission, School Board, businessmen and city governments in the area. Concerned citizens and active civic organizations are also key members of the team.

Strategy: At one-hour monthly meetings (third Thursday of every month) the team reviews projects within the county and its municipalities. The purpose of the team is to:
A) Promote new positive economic growth
B) Promote and implement programs that have a positive impact on the area
C) Serve as a vehicle for the collection and exchange of information
D) Provide a mutual forum to identify study, discuss and bring into focus local economic growth and possible solutions
E) Provide technological assistance
F) Promote and support our existing businesses and jobs

A) Business Of The Month Campaign (For businesses with paid membership)
B) Ribbon cutting for all new businesses in the EJCEDC service area
C) Recognition and advertisement in local newspapers
D) Sponsoring events that promote economic trade in East Jackson County. Past events have included boat races, bass tournaments, and local festivals.